Головна Історія Пам'ятки Заповідник Інформація Фото Посилання Волонтери Новини

Volunteers from Workcamp
"Following ancient history"

We are the volunteers from different countries (Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Germany) who pulled together our energy, inspiration and imagination, strength and knowledge in order to renovate historical and cultural monuments in Belz. We would like to remind people about their valuable heritage that they recived from previous generation. Additional we wanted to improve communication between nations. Our goal was to open Belz for tourists and help them to discover its beauty and originality.

Think global, act local!

Camp participants:

  • Anna Ptaszek
  • Emilia Klucewicz
  • Justyna Molik
  • Kamila Zacharuk
  • Natalya Dobrochynska
  • Natalya Krukovich
  • Yulia Kukharchuk
  • Denis Miranovich
  • Dmytro Sofij
  • Dmytro Szulka
  • Jan Wojty+Дski
  • Marcin Purzycki
  • Oleksander Svetlov
  • Rafa+В Szwelicki

Belz Belz Belz