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Welcome to the Belz!

„Belz-the blessed Holy land,
it hides a lot of secrets, have not been disclosed so far.
It is the Ukrainian Troyа, Ukrainian Czestochowa.”
Tikhon Leshchuk
On the broad plain of the rivers Solokija and Richytsa, which carry their waters to the Western bug, already more than a thousand years old, lives ancient town of Belz - when the princely capital, the now - quiet town, shrouded in legends and is full of mysteries.
In the historical memory of our people Belz appears as the ancient capital of the Principality, place of many events of princely epoch. It held the first meeting of hierarchs of the Ukrainian and the Roman Church. Poles appreciate the Belz as the city from which Vladislaus II of Opole took to Częstochowa the thaumaturgic icon of the Blessed Virgin Marry, which became a national relic. For the Jews Belz-one of the spiritual centers of Hasidism. And this is true for the history of the city, but only the second half of XIX - early XX centuries. However, for ten centuries in Belz coexisted three communities of Jews, poles and Ruthenians, and by the middle of XIX Rusyns prevailed.
Modern Belz is only a shadow of the former glory of the princely capital. The city attracts by his modesty, Majesty, mysteriousness. Here you can pray icon of the Blessed Virgin Marry (in the chapel on the Zamochok installed a copy of the Wonderworking icon). Majestic ramparts, the picturesque ruins of a monastery of the Dominicans, St. Nicholas with a mosaic of the Church, mysterious hexagonal tower of stone, wooden Church of St. Paraskeva, tombstones on the Jewish Cemetery - monuments of cultural heritage, the preserved fragments, which remind us that Belz is a city with rich history, inhabited by talented and hardworking people.

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