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How to get Belz

The easiest way to get Belz is travel by train or bus. There are two trains from Sokal to Rava Ruska and four regular buses from Czervonogrud to Rava Ruska. Additional there are private buses (marshrutka) also from L'viv.

The nearest border crossing point is situated between Hrebenne (PL) and Rava Ruska (UA), but it is only for cars.


Pharmacy: 5-42-66
Hospital: 5-42-85 or 103
City Hall: 4-02-64
Fire department: 101
Police: 102
Information on telephone numbers: 109


In Belz everybody can buy food or batteries etc.. There are post office, hospital, pharmacy, exchange (not so good rate), bank, ATM, petrol station and café bars.


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